The War On Facebook Against Christianity.

The noodlings of a perverted mind are entertainment for those who mock the Seed Of David.

As a flawed human being I know what it is to try to be a good Christian and do right all the time and how often I fail. I understand that. I know that even with the purest intention and the kindest heart it is still going to happen that someone may be hurt by my actions. I pray about it. I seek counsel and counsel others who are in need of a simple moment of grace.

I know what it is to try and still come up short

What I can’t understand is the childishness and hurtfulness some people see as common entertainment.

Paper Towel Jesus? What does this even mean? It’s the sad, petty stabs at the Redeemer of the World that I can’t understand. Many will say, “We don’t want your religion!” Fine! Don’t abide by it. Live in sin. Live like there’s no tomorrow! If that’s what you truly, in your heart of hearts, believe. The Wonder Counselor will accept you in heaven if you live by your code of honor, in your truth, in your way. Those who live to mock and shame, however, won’t be afforded his mercy.

Don't Hold Back