Christians For Michele Bachmann Is A Hoax!

An edited screen capture of the Christians For Michele Bachmann facebook page.

Christians For Michele Bachmann is a page on Facebook dedicated to misinformation and ruining the reputation of, particularly Representative Michele Bachmann, any one who who would accidentally believe the page to be real, and Christians in general. The page has been shut down 9 previous times and with any luck will be permanently disabled very soon.

While it is our stance at Bullet List that the rights of all citizens should be preserved at all costs it never hurts to be reminded that we aren’t all in this together. There are enemies on all sides who would pervert our cause and use it for their own sick, childish amusement. The comfort in all this is that children eventually tire of their games and lose interest in their petty distractions when the hands that coddle stop putting Pop Tarts in the cupboard and paying for their internet and utilities. Until then we just have to endure and pray, for their sake, that they don’t become an intolerable obstacle to our cause.

16 thoughts on “Christians For Michele Bachmann Is A Hoax!

  1. Rant says:

    Michele is a true christian patriot.if you dont like America go back to kenyuh bullet list.


  3. Sera says:

    So it’s okay for conservatives to have a sarcastic voice, but not Dems? We have a cause too. Guess what it is? To fight YOUR cause. If you can’t take it, you ought not to dish it.

  4. Carl Trap says:

    This page has saved my life from the marijuans? I don’t think it is a good thing to bash such a loving Christian page.

  5. Cry you Crybillies! says:

    So, the rights of citizens should be preserved, except the ones that you directly disagree with? Lemme guess, your parents think you’re special, amiright? The good news in all this is children like you will move on to you rnext manufactured outrage in 5…4…3…2…This just in, Obama talks about minimum wage to distract us from Benghazi. BOOM!

  6. Rant says:

    If C4MB is a hoax how did they get that awesome picture of Jesus????? Checkmate athetits.

  7. I masturbated to pictures of Hillary everyday until CFMB saved me. How can you say its fake? I am not masturba…….. oh never mind.

  8. Stanley S says:

    C4MB cured my herpies!

  9. Rant says:

    Bem did you run out of pop tarts???

  10. Elmer Omero says:

    The pots ruined my life, Christians for Michelle Bachmann saved my sole!

  11. Michele Bachmann says:

    These are good people and they support me…How much is Obama paying you to spread your liberal lies?

  12. Rainbow says:

    I waz injecting the pot every day untill I started reeding CFMB. Now I goe too church an have bin saved. How can yuo say its a fake page? yuo must be a liebral scum in the pay of the Dimocriuts to say such liez!

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