Bannon’s Apocalyptic Vision: Islamic Jihadism Vs. The West

Jihadist Islamic Fascism

Amid an atmosphere of overwhelming chaos, the early days of Trump’s reign have made clear, that Islam is Public Enemy No. 1 and conveniently serves as the centerpiece of Steve Bannon’s white nationalistic agenda.

What makes Bannon unsettling is that he actually sees Trump for what he is. In a Vanity Fair interview Bannon referred to Trump as “A blunt instrument for us. I don’t know whether he (Trump) really gets it or not.” What Bannon is referring to is his ethno-nationalist, anti-islamic agenda. 

It becomes apparent how stark Bannon’s strategy is when juxtaposed next to Trump’s somewhat normalized, though repeatedly disproved anti-immigration views.

In Trump, Bannon has found a pliable tool who has minimal interest in policymaking and little insight into his own limitations.

Though this is hotly debated, Bannon’s vision plays into the hands of those he wishes to destroy.

An Authoritarian Government Is Really The Only Way

In France, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia, right-wing extremism is spreading. Against the backdrop of a collapsing European Union, economic stagnation, and a refugee crisis, the ground is increasingly fertile for reactionary parties. In America, certain factions, (Alt-right, White Nationalism, Islamophobia etc.) albeit fractured in some regards, align comfortably with these movements.

While Trump’s lack of an ideological core places him as more of an inauthentic fascist, he certainly is a populist with strong authoritarian tendencies. He will push whatever buttons bring him popularity and adulation.

As in 1930’s Europe, an authoritarian Fascist leader is the only type of apparatus that has the sweeping control that can actually enforce mass restrictions, cultural cleansing, deportation and the like. Under a democracy, a poorly written executive order such as the travel ban, wilts under scrutiny.

A Bulletlist History Of Steve Bannon

  • Officer in the United States Navy for seven years
  • Goldman Sachs as an investment banker
  • Director of Biosphere project to see if humans could survive in a self sustaining system – uncanny alignment with survivalists. Read more.
  • Film producer – where Andrew Breitbart would later describe him as the Leni Riefenstahl (an infamous nazi propagandist) of the Tea Party movement
  • In 2007, Bannon wrote an eight-page treatment for a new documentary describing the American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America as “cultural jihadists”.
  • Founding member of the board of Breitbart News
  • In 2012, after founder Andrew Breitbart’s death, became executive chair of Breitbart News LLC,
  • August 17, 2016, Bannon was appointed chief executive of Donald Trump’s campaign
  • Appointed Chief of Staff by Donald Trump
  • Wrote executive order Travel Ban with Stephen Miller


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In case you’re wondering what this movement is thinking, here’s some pro-fascist, white nationalism tweets

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