The Facts of the Paris Accord Agreement

This non-binding, intentionally weak, internationally designed agreement intends to reduce global temperature (according to the UN owns predictive model) by .03 of one degree by the end of the century. To say the least it’s not very ambitious.


News sources imply we are now no better than degenerate countries Syria and Nicaragua who also refuse to join. But the fact is, Nicaragua refuses to join agreement because it didn’t go far enough – enforcing the opposing idea that the agreement is nothing more than international posturing.

Money Grab

Participants agree to pledged 100 billion dollars to ‘assist’ third world/developing countries in learning about carbon emissions, not how to adjust their factories to actually reduce emissions. This is equivalent to sensitivity training, which has very little effect.

China and India

China and India – number 1 and 4 on the list of pollution producers – would not be required to even begin it’s use of coal reduction for 5 years.

The U.S. Is Already Making Strides

The US is currently the fastest growing investment dollars in green energy source ventures. Furthermore the US has (without any agreement) reduced carbon emissions by 1% per year since 2006. Any industry in any country can take a while to shift policy, but these numbers are impressive and proof of US commitment to a burgeoning green industry.


This agreement entwines the US further into what is worded as ‘global carbon market.’ Take note of the word global. Yes, this is yet another assertive push towards the no-borders globalist mindset – that many US citizens disagree with.

Kumi Nadoo Commits Sedition

Calling for Americans to engage in ‘civil disobedience’ directly against the president – Kumi Naidoo referred to Trump’s speech as a ‘suicide note’ filled with lies. A textbook case of sedition and justice should be sought.

A satellite view of China

Don't Hold Back