Utah Adoption Fraud?

The only fraud here is that these men claim to be fathers…

…who didn’t know they were expecting a baby! While real men and Promise Keepers around the great state of Utah are assembling cribs, reading parenting books, attending doctors appointments, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of a miracle these 12 nincompoops from Utah are a day late and a dollar short. According to this “fair and balanced” Fox News report, some of these men didn’t even know “their” babies had even been born.

sad, empty cribs.

The real cry babies in this story are the dozen or so “fathers” crying about their inability to keep a promise when they should be crying for joy.

Unwed, Unprepared, Unfit.

Three of the “fathers” (in name only) bringing this suit against the great state of Utah; William Bolden, Christopher Carlton, and Nikolas Thurnwald more accurately called Sperm Donors were unmarried and in some cases not even in touch with the women they impregnated throughout the entire pregnancy. Mr Carlton didn’t even know the gender of his “own” daughter. In another case, Thurnwald decided to work at his construction job rather than be there for the woman he impregnated and then claimed, after the fact, to be in control of her body and her choices. This is typical of the unwed family unit, and tantamount to child abuse. In the case of the State of Utah vs The Dirty Dozen it is the state’s responsibility to shield it’s children from abusive parents and this is a spot-on application of that responsibility. With recent reports showing that up to 48% of women’s first children are born out of wedlock this is a national crisis of epic proportions. In 2011 a New York Times article put Utah’s unwed pregnancy statistic at 15%. This unholy number is sure to rise with the increased flow of “Unwed Pregnancy Tourism” that this situation will create. The good and humble people of Utah have proven time and again that they welcome these children who are destined for lives of loneliness and misery in the empty homes of single mothers without their good intervention.

“Just keeping me in the dark about what was going on.”

This is the sad refrain sung by hundreds of unnamed Sperm Donors all across the state of Utah and leading the chorus is William Bolden. “I asked her to send me pictures (of “his” child) but she (the biological mother) told me her phone was broken and she couldn’t send them.” So what is the next logical step in the Award Winning Father of the Year’s plan to raise a well adjusted and loved child? “Drop by and visit the life and miracle he (barely) helped to create,” you say? You’d be dead wrong. However if you said, “Do nothing for over a year,” or “Ignore the child and hope the mother can find time in the schedule of raising his baby without any help from him to get a new phone,” you have passed jury selection for this case. It’s time men in America stepped up, kept their promises, and raised their own children. Fortunately for us, the great people of Utah in the heartland of America will be there to step in and pick up the slack until then.

God Bless them.

2 thoughts on “Utah Adoption Fraud?

  1. Louise Hart says:

    This is an outrage. How can these lawyers be allowed to bring such ridiculous lawsuits before our courts? They are the ones who should be inside the jails!

  2. Steve says:

    Bull. Utah’s Supreme Court disagrees with you. It is baby stealing plain and simple. You got your facts wrong.

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