How Globalism Became A Rallying Cry For The Right

Traditional Globalism

Globalism, or globalization was initially the result of America’s dominant economic role in the world after World War Two. America, containing most of the worlds wealth, made concerted efforts to keep that position, which meant a globe-spanning capitalist order centered exclusively upon the United States.


In the mid-2000’s, European anti-globalist movements opposed large, multinational corporations having unregulated political power, exercised through trade agreements and deregulated financial markets. Many anti-globalization activists do not oppose globalization in general and call for forms of global integration that better provide democratic representation, advancement of human rights, fair trade and sustainable development and therefore feel the term “anti-globalization” is misleading

Globalism Has Morphed Into Nationalism

These days globalism is a “race and culture preserving” nationalist exclusionary movement that aligns more closely with White Nationalism, anti-immigration and resorts to scapegoating – Muslim immigrants in particular. It rejects the idea of political correctness, and invokes the concepts of Cultural Marxism. Blame is laid upon technocrats’ suppression of alternative views – allowing for only narrow “politically correct” ideologies.

Current anti-globalist rhetoric counts far right movements like Brexit, Trump and Le Pen – as well as other upcoming elections in Asia and Europe – proof of the worlds “awakening” from the brainwashing propaganda imposed on a “dumbed down” public by the global economic constructors.

Still, while the movement seems to hold a virtuous position, that of correctly blaming global economies for economic tyranny, it again relies on demagoguery and shifts blame to immigration for the day-to-day struggle of the oppressed.

Immigration And The U.S.

Anti-free traders like Donald Trump oppose immigration not for failures of cultural assimilation but on the grounds that new immigrants “take” American jobs. In other words, a perfectly capable immigrant who comes to the United States to work a job would be welcomed by most conservatives; Trump says, however, that to allow that person in would be “globalism,” undermining the American worker.

Economic Idiocy

Hampering the free exchange of goods and services in order to indirectly tax companies for the benefit of people born in America raises the cost of doing business and harms the consumer. Of course. What Trump decries as “globalism” is actually freedom in the national interest.

Globalism in 2017 is a disfigured interpretation of the once noble cause – “a desire for fair trade and an unrepressed democracy” from which international trade could function.


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