The Myth Of The Good Guy With A Gun.

gslivesGuns Save Lives? That’s what these “think tankers” want you to believe, isn’t it? That the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. For every Molon Labe’r and every III%’er out there in the woods playing a dressed up game of Cowboys and Indians (and Muslims, and Blacks, and Atheists, and Intellectuals, and Gays, et c.) there’s a story of heroism just WAITING for a chance to shoot someone.

Read through these “heroic” acts of Good Guys with guns and tell me, how many times one of these gun nuts shot someone in the back, someone unarmed, better yet, the WRONG PERSON! Simmer down, Patriots, you’re the bad guy with a gun in most of these fictionalized accounts.

Don't Hold Back