Deep, Weird, America

Is it that hard to imagine a new American civil war? Some of you are already living it. III%’ers with rock hard fantasies of jackbooted thugs kicking in their front doors, the family kitchen table turned over on it’s side makes a topside foxhole. The family, armed to the teeth, never gives each other a last look, all eyes focused down their iron sites at the enemy – Government Men.

This is the new pornography. Guns, Jesus, America. Homemade casings. A lean, tight swimmers body nailed to a cross. An anarchist utopia.

Meanwhile, America is at work. At home. At school. And these jackasses with their gun metal gray hard ons are jacking off into their own chambers, it’s not gay. IT’S NOT GAY! Staring at themselves naked in a mirror with their bandoleers and ammunition belts tied hard around their average cocks. Is this a patriot? Mississippi mud deep into the cracks of each of their asses, the smell of warm barrels and spent brass mixed with stale cum. AMERICA!

Get your heads out of each others home schooling assholes, PATRIOTS. The world is passing you by and leaving warm pot brownies and tax forms for your children to wrap themselves in. Every generation rebels against the generation who raised them and this, this thought, is all that keeps the American dream alive. Keep your guns ready, III% nation, your suicidal philosophy awaits it’s boring conclusion.

Don't Hold Back