Christian Supremacy and Alt-Right Fascism Converge Under A Bannon/Trump Presidency

A demagogue comes to power

There are many moving parts to the rise of Trump; one of them leans heavily on the concept that he can bring jobs back to the areas of the country he has depicted as “tombstones,” where working class Americans have been left in the “carnage” with drugs, crime, and violence. Trump’s “America first” declarations leave many of the truly forgotten with confidence and a glimmer of hope.

Many of Trump’s loyal fanbase have great expectations for this new presidency. It is hard to imagine middle American faith-based folks feeling a kinship to a billionaire game show host and former New York socialite, yet his attraction lies within being seen as a successful businessman that is focused on driving down the debt quarter-by-quarter, simultaneously strong-arming our international competitors.

However, Trump’s conflicting stance on an array of policies can make it hard for anyone to recognize that a brash, inarticulate, dictatorially leaning real-estate mogul, who casually dispenses U.S. policies through Twitter, may not be able to communicate with a world that is acutely aware of his lack of tact and experience with international affairs.

A Steve Bannon campaign strategy

Numbing the general public with his now standard inflammatory rhetoric that seemingly disqualified him with every news cycle, Trump has solidified a base of working class Americans that traditionally leans to the right.

Senior campaign advisor and former CEO of Breitbart Media, Steve Bannon’s anti-immigration, Alt-right, nationalist leanings combined with Trump’s misogynistic, xenophobic demagoguery validated an already entrenched wave of anti-immigration, anti-semitic, anti-liberal, anti-government, anti-left, pro-European, pro-Christian, pro-gun, white supremacist, sentiment that revels in the bubbling, seismic cauldron of twitter-feed magma that has been fomenting below (and now above) the surface of internet communities for over a decade.

Radical trolling and intimidation

Meme-ing ideologies on Twitter, Redddit and radical Alt-right websites, the mostly anonymous “shitpoasters,” have proliferated espousing extreme (sometimes true) anti-Clinton propaganda. With sincerity, eloquence and typically short winded exposés, the writers plant seeds into the political readers’ fertile minds; insidious, racially charged views, often portrayed as biological or scientific, bemoaning the elusive white entitlement earned from a perceived historical Christian European dominance, and the oncoming white genocide – a conspiracy that mixed race people are dispossessing whites.

Rising Public Figures For White Nationalism

It should be no surprise that now, if you choose to find it, (see references at the end of this article) that same message, has taken form in public figures like Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and lesser known, fame-seeking figures like Richard Spencer, Nathan Damigo and Milo Yannopolis. These celebrities often refer to themselves as the “new punk rock” and that “conservatism is cool.” With them, we now see a platform for rhetoric that has never registered this level of public awareness and accessibility.

Europe and American Right Align

European movements such as PEGIDA, Brexit, Identitarianism, and American Nationalist movements like the Alt-right share ideologies and are overrun with militia extremists, white supremacist extremists, white-pride nationalists and sovereign citizen extremists. On a local level, these movements are determined to infiltrate law enforcement with “ghost skins” to find who, what, where, when and how the FBI, CIA and the police are investigating hate groups.

Movements Collide

Pitted against Black Lives Matter, a movement that is a response to consistent images of largely white officers, (many with questionable, racially charged records or white extremist ties) killing unarmed black people. The black community weighed down by frustrations over acquittals, take to the streets to protest, only to be maligned by antagonizing infiltrators with dubious connections.

Furthering confusion and intimidation, witness Oath Keepers controversial presence in Ferguson, Missouri during the 2014 and 2015 protests. White men armed with semi-automatic rifles, bullet proof vests and fatigues patrolling the streets and rooftops, claiming to be there “for the people.” A bizarre scene of police in casual conversation with heavily armed individuals who under all circumstances should have stood down and been arrested immediately.

ANTIFA and a Police State

Violent protesters consistently prove counterproductive. Whether it’s ANTIFA at Berkley, or infiltrators at Ferguson where violent, destructive outsiders incite chaos, presenting a perfect storm that demonizes the otherwise well intentioned demonstrations, which in turn produces public confirmation that a stronger, more militarized police presence is needed.

There are more than a few theories as to whether ANTIFA and the Ferguson flame throwers were paid by the right to ruin peaceful movements. Regardless of the source, at every chance, the opposition sounds the chorus: “Let the Marxists break shit, and watch the left implode.”

Stoking The Flames

Throw in an un-stable President that tweets insecurities, U.S. internal and foreign affairs, and Steve Bannon over his shoulder overseeing his every move, and we have a powder keg of hate. We have two extremes at odds in a “life imitates art” type fashion that matches both the ultra-right and left political discourse we see on the internet and news everyday – to the detriment of civil society.

Trump admonishes republican senator and war veteran John McCain


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