In Two Days Geert Wilders May Galvanize A Movement

Anti-Islamization seems to be overtaking the entirety of Europe. With the rise of right wing extremist groups across the region, the anti-immigration platform has become a normalized major election touchstone guaranteeing a portion of the populous vote.

Immigration Is THE Modern Issue

Predominantly white European countries have had an influx of immigration over the last decade that is causing great discomfort to native populations. International branches of propagandist organizations such as Breibart and Inforwars often fan the flames of anti-muslim sentiment with a trove of carefully procured media – typically edited or taken out of context – to show Muslim people behaving erratically.

Wilding Wilders

Wilders cloaks his anti-Muslim bigotry in the language of liberalism and the Enlightenment. The Dutch demagogue has won over voters on the left by arguing that the Netherlands’ tolerant stance on social issues such as same-sex marriage is threatened by an “Islamic invasion.”

Wilders claims to be fighting extremism in the name of gay rights – but aligns with with France’s Marine Le Pen and Italy’s Matteo Salvini, both of whom oppose gay rights.

Not A Lot Of Focus Put On The West’s Role

Understanding middle eastern politics is a deep and confusing dilemma, filled with lies and hypocrisy on one side (e.g. 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq) and backstabbing inter-tribal betrayal on the other.

Examples go on and on, but other than the right wing conspiratorial hysteria over “globalism,” very little blame is put on the continually failed attempts of western super powers to nation build under the guise of instilling democracy and peace.

Sucks He Looks Like Jimmy Page

Whether or not he becomes prime minister, Wilders has already succeeded in pushing the Netherlands — and by extension, the wider European Union — to the extreme right on issues such as Islam and immigration.

It’s a shame he looks like one of the all-time greatest rock guitar players.
Jimmy Page - One of the all-time greatest rock guitar players.

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