Gary Cohn To Receive $20M to Join Trump Administration

Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s former president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn will receive $20 million in total compensation for 2016, according to a regulatory filing. Cohn, 56, would follow former Goldman executives Robert Rubin and Stephen Friedman in running the NEC. The NEC coordinates economic policy across agencies, a key role for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to “jumpstart the economy after years of tepid growth.”

While this portrayal of sagging markets is another Trump falsehood designed to paint a picture of an American landscape filled with desperate inner cities that are riddled with crime and abandoned factories portrayed as “tombstones” – this dark vision is simply untrue. While economic disparity continues in parts of the country, under Obama there were modest reductions in the unemployment rate and the federal budget deficit, and a significant rise in the stock market. While not a stunning performance, it is a major improvement over that of his predecessor, George W. Bush, whose economic score was significantly lower than even Jimmy Carter’s. This skewed vision allows Trump to further embed The Trillionaire Ruling Class that seeks Global Dictatorship.

While Trump’s base – legitimately suffering and residing in industry dependent sections of the country – is correctly hesitant to support his picks, the idea that “a businessman” in the White House is still a strong sentiment some feel will need to be proven destructive before it can be abandoned and dismissed.

This latest Goldman Sach’s parachute reveals more evidence of Trump’s swampy cabinet picks which are on record to become the richest cabinet in history. CBS News estimates seven of Trump’s picks are worth a combined $11 billion – including: Betsy DeVos, nominated for secretary of education, comes from a family worth more than $5 billion; Linda McMahon, picked for small business administrator, has family wealth worth $1.2 billion; And Vincent Viola, the choice for Army secretary, is worth $1.77 billion.


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