Can We Reduce Terror Attacks?

Bolstering the wave of anti-Islam and anti-immigration sentiment flooding streets and tweets, another terror attack was committed in London. With every terrorist incident, the feeling of hopelessness can be overwhelming.

Anti-Immigration Is Short Sighted And Wont Work

Nationalist anti-immigrationists have only one solution to this issue. Stop all immigration. Stop Muslim people from entering into all traditionally dominant white European countries. But this is short sighted, and leaves no room for the predominantly well functioning, integrated society we exist in most of the time.

This is not to say that incredible numbers of refugees isn’t a problem – it is. Italy in the first three months of 2017 has had more illegal immigrants reaching their shores, or dying in the Mediterranean on the way, than in all of 2016. This is a desperate situation for all – but there is still a way out.

How Did We Get Here?

After WWII, Americans and the world were so horrified by what they found in internment camps throughout Europe, that people felt as if they “could not let this happen again.” Fascism and Communism were correctly looked at as a poison to be annihilated where it stands. Combined with a burgeoning economy and a wealth well beyond all developing nations, America innocently took an interventionist stance in the world.

With money to be made over the next few decades, the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us of has come to be. America and the West is now known more for vainly attempting to topple controversial leaders or killing civilians with errant missiles and drones – than anything else. Of course, this does not comprise the incredible complexity that is out of the scope of this article.

What can we do?

The notion of dispossession can be misleading. People generally do not want to migrate. So why do they come? Again, this is oversimplified, but (with exceptions) it’s because their current situation, whatever it may be, leaves them no choice.

Start With Policy Overhaul

  • Stop supporting regimes that terrorize their citizens. Particularly when your public stance contradicts actions. Think weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.
  • Becomes militarily isolationist. There are a few exceptions.
  • Military interventions are of last resort and the steps leading to it are fully transparent to Americans and the world. Ponder a citizens frustration over public lies that led to Iraq 2003.
  • Develop clear withdrawal plans and stick to them. Think of the hypocrisy and frustration around Afghanistan and Obama.
  • Most importantly, begin all interventions with humanitarian support and shelter, and be articulate about it.
  • Use this same technique when trying to thwart a rogue leaders’ nefarious intent. Always side with the suffering first. Again, not with arming of insurgents, (history shows insurgencies tend to stray from the original albeit virtuous intent) but with aid and shelter from harm for those who cannot get out of the way.

This short list (notably over-simplified for such a complex issue) would reduce terrorist attacks dramatically, simultaneously appeasing anti-immigrationists – for when countries are stable, people don’t leave. I am acutely aware that this may come across as pacifist and isolationist, is there a better way?

Don't Hold Back