Why Evangelical Tea Party Patriots Can’t Catch A Break

Evangelical III%’ers completely missing the point of their own ideology.
While (White) Tea Party Patriot Heroes are out there spewing their racist, ideological, hate speech at the the (Black) government, their religion must have slipped their minds. In their fervor to keep their guns and their bible they forgot one big thing: the religion they were supposed to cling to so tightly supports government, supports social welfare, and supports peace through good works not superior firepower.

Evangelicals believe that government is a gift from God for the common good.

Maybe they can take advantage of the Affordable Care Act to have an extra hand grafted onto the Right sides of their bodies so they can hold their guns, bibles, and sorry hats in hand with equal power.  The true doctrine of public and tax exempt policy seems to come as a surprise to many of the MOST Patriotic Heroes in the Tea Party movement. It’s a little embarrassing isn’t it? When you only have to keep track of two truths and you forget one and can’t remember which way you stand on the other one? Keep up the good work, Moron Labia!

Don't Hold Back