American Militias: Explained

Militias in America today are for people who’s lives aren’t going the way they would if they worked hard and blame it on the government but also blame other peoples reliance on the government for other people’s lives being better than theirs but then choose to found and frame the premise that it’s because they are white, gun owners who are embattled in a war against Christmas and guns so they have to fight which is why they can’t succeed because they are in a constant battle against tyrannical government overreach and taxes so their lives can’t go the way they want them to unless they overthrow the government but they can’t because there’s too many sheeple who won’t join the cause of freedom?

So they have to create a shit tornado to make it look like they are doing something but they really aren’t doing a lot? And they don’t have any real information and the information they do have conflicts with what they imagine life is supposed to be so they can’t parse or analyze or use what little information they do have and they can’t acquire new information because they can’t concentrate over the sound of black islamists masquerading as American presidents taking their guns and freedom and imposing Sharia law? Benghazi.

Don't Hold Back